Survey Reveals Biggest Brexit Challenges Facing Irish Businesses

Irish businesses regard customs and logistics as the single biggest challenge brought about by Brexit.

This is according to a recent Enterprise Ireland (EI) survey which took place at its Dublin Brexit Advisory Clinic in June. Almost half (49 per cent) of the respondents to the audience participation poll ranked customs and logistics as their greatest concern, followed by financial and currency management at 19 per cent and Market Diversification at 13 per cent.

The Brexit Advisory clinics are part of Enterprise Ireland’s attempts to encourage companies to be pro-active in their preparations for UK’s leaving of the EU. Their Be Prepared Grant, which offers clients up to €5,000 to assist in the cost of developing a strategic response to Brexit, can be used to support customs and logistics training needs and to implement action plans.

Jonathan McMillan, Brexit Unit Manager, Enterprise Ireland, said: “We are actively supporting Irish companies on a daily basis to respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by Brexit, including issues such as customs and logistics.

“The uncertainty around outcomes of the Brexit negotiations continues, so it is imperative that companies take the necessary steps to reduce risk and ensure they are more innovative and competitive, and to diversify into new markets, to steer through the challenges ahead.”

Enterprise Ireland has four further Brexit Advisory Clinics planned in Galway, Dundalk, Waterford and Limerick. They will be taking place in October and November. At the clinics, companies are briefed on the broad implications of Brexit, specifically around customs, strategic sourcing, financial management, employment law and the movement of people.

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