Belgium Show Support for Ceta Trade Agreement

CETA word built with letter cubes

Chambers Ireland today welcomed news from Brussels that an agreement had been reached by the four regional parliaments of Belgium to support the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada, also known as Ceta.

Chamber Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot said: “We are happy to hear the regional leaders in Belgium have found common ground and have agreed to support the EU-Canada trade deal. Ceta is the most ambitious trade agreement to have been negotiated by the EU to date and presents many opportunities for Irish businesses and consumers. In the wake of the Brexit result the EU, and particularly Ireland, need more trade agreements, not less. Therefore we are pleased with the news coming from Brussels that Ceta is now on track to be signed by all parliaments across the EU.”

“We cannot afford to forget that Ireland’s long term economic development and our current position as a highly developed nation is entirely dependent on our capacity for international trade. Chambers Ireland has long been highlighting the need for ambitious SME friendly trade agreements if the Irish economy is to continue to grow and remain competitive. We are encouraged by today’s news in Belgium and hope that it is a sign of a renewed commitment and support for a trade policy, particularly as negotiations for a trade deal with the United States continue.”

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