Enda Gunnell, CEO of Pinergy. Accepting Green Energy Company of the Year at the In Business Recognition Awards 2023 with Ian Talbot. Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland and Host Anton Savage

Renewable energy providers Pinergy want to help their customers understand their energy usage, in order to optimise it

“Your roof can actually be a revenue generator for your business, selling the excess back to us as your
supplier”  David Slattery, Head of Marketing and Communications, Pinergy.

Since launching into the market, a decade ago, Pinergy’s USP has been its ability to assist its
customers to better manage and understand their energy consumption and costs. Today it has
evolved to supplying 100 per cent renewable electricity to all its customers. “That’s electricity that is
certified as being green, and from renewable sources of wind, solar, and hydro,” notes David
Slattery, Head of Marketing and Communications with Pinergy.
“Our ethos since the beginning is around helping you understand your energy consumption in your
home or in your business, helping you to optimise that consumption. What that means is, if you
understand how you’re using energy, and you have a heightened awareness of it, you’ll reduce your
energy waste.”

Energy Experts
Pinergy’s experts estimate that businesses are wasting on average 15 per cent of their energy
consumption every year, through bad habits, lack of awareness, and lack of visualisation of their
energy use. Pinergy’s brand promise is to turn that around by providing energy with insight.
The recent acquisition of Acutrace allows Pinergy to further develop its analytical capabilities in
terms of analysing other utilities (gas, water, air quality, waste) as well. “If you have the numbers,
and know where your baseline is, then you can make yourself better from a utilities perspective, by
reducing that consumption,” says Slattery.
Another notable acquisition driving their offering forward is SolarElectric, one of Ireland’s fastest
growing solar energy businesses, delivering Solar PV systems to the domestic, commercial and
agricultural markets in Ireland.
“We’re working with a lot of businesses through our solar arm designing and installing projects
across the country. Your roof can actually be a revenue generator for your business, selling the
excess back to us as our supplier,” says Slattery, adding, “We pay around 25 cents per kilowatt.”

Sharing the Knowledge
An upcoming trend in the market is demand for electric vehicle (EV) ‘destination charging’ in
business premises where people spend time, such as gyms, golf clubs and hotels. Slattery explains:
“It drives footfall—given a choice between two hotels, an electric car driver will probably pick the
one with a charger.”
They are also working with customers who are changing their company fleets into electric vehicles,
advising on how they can manage those fleets and the charging requirements.
Pinergy are keen to share their insights and knowledge, and disseminate information through a
number of channels, from a podcast series called Energy Matters, in partnership with The Currency,
to a monthly insights report on the energy markets, and a social media content series profiling
businesses who are making changes to be more sustainable. “It is all about making those choices,
from very small choices to big strategic decisions,” says Slattery. “Our purpose as a business is to
empower our customers to create their own sustainable energy future.”