Chambers Chief Welcomes Global Ireland 2025 Initiative

The Government has launched an initiative to double the scope and impact of Ireland’s global footprint in the period to 2025. Global Ireland 2025 aims  to improve Ireland’s position for building alliances in a post-Brexit EU, and will lead to the expansion of Ireland’s embassies and an increase in the promotion of arts and culture overseas.

Government agencies such as IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland will be centrally involved in the initiative. The Government has already announced new embassies in Chile, Colombia, New Zealand and Jordan, and new consulates in Vancouver and Mumbai under Global Ireland 2025.

Chambers Ireland has welcomed the initiative, with Chief Executive Ian Talbot stating: “Chambers Ireland has previously called for various initiatives to safeguard and develop further Ireland’s international trade and diplomatic networks in the wake of Brexit and other international developments, from further investment to our embassies and state agencies abroad to our national bodies for supporting Irish businesses participating in global enterprise.

The Global Ireland 2025 announcements aim to accomplish these initiatives which will ideally support the diversification of our exports and inward investment to compensate for, and mitigate against, any trade challenges which lie ahead.

We look forward to seeing Ireland’s Global Footprint manifest in the years to come.”

Pictured above: Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland