Shannon Chamber Briefed by ESB Networks

ESB Networks has visited Shannon Chamber to update its members on the latest developments in infrastructure, the electrification of heat and transport and smart technology for business. The network, which finances, builds, maintains and operates the distribution system through which power flows, focused particularly on the impact of the bad weather in Ireland of the past few months.

Shannon Chamber, CEO, Helen Downes welcomed the team from ESB Networks, saying: “The prompt restoration of power after the storms that battered Ireland in the past few months will have made us appreciate the trojan work that goes into ensuring that the 2.2 million electricity poles in Ireland continue to bring electricity into our homes and businesses.

“ESB Networks has made progress in addressing the infrastructure needs at a local level and has ensured that vital projects have been connected. Continued improvement in our infrastructure will be crucial in the coming years as businesses expand. The briefing offered us the opportunity to learn about the work currently being undertaken and about plans for the future, including efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and the increase in the connection of renewables to the grid as a source of power.”

Pictured above: Robert Grimes, area manager Mid-West region, ESB Networks; Helen Downes, CEO, Shannon Chamber and Virgil Porter, divisional manager, Mid-West region, ESB Networks, at the briefing in Shannon.

Photograph by: Eamon Ward