Chambers Ireland calls for investment in Institutes of Technology

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Chambers Ireland has today urged Government to focus investment in the Institute of Technology sector. In particular, they requested greater focus on crucial capital projects along with calling on Institutes of Technology (IoTs) to renew their concentration on industry focused training and education.

Director of Policy and Communications, Chamber Ireland, Mark O’Mahoney said: “Today’s report by the Higher Education Authority highlights serious challenges to the viability of many of Ireland’s Institutes of Technology. These challenges are significant to be sure, but they are not insurmountable. The report includes within it a clear action plan to help secure the future of the sector. Ireland’s IoTs are a vital component of our education and training ecosystem, and their survival is essential. As a matter of priority, the sector needs a targeted programme of capital investment.”

“Chambers Ireland has previously highlighted that the educational facilities at many IoTs had deteriorated considerably and had not kept pace with the specifications required for education in the hi-tech and engineering disciplines. These are exactly the disciplines that our IoTs should be focused on, and the disciplines with the highest growth potential in the economy. Investment in modern training and education facilities is an absolute necessity if IoTs are to be viable into the future. Targeted capital investment will allow the IoTs to engage with regional industry and to develop additional sources of income. The ongoing viability of IoTs will be to a large extent dependent on how effectively they can meet learner and industry needs in a rapidly evolving economy.”